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Thurlby - Botanical Bug Buster 42g

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The Thurlby Botanical Bug Buster is a herbal insect deterrent in funky bright packaging. 

Hang this sachet in your wardrobe or linen cupboard to naturally perfume and freshen your clothing and linen while repelling insects. 

Made from natural vegetable oils, essential and fragrant oils. The mixed floral fragrance will remain effective for 3-4 years. When the fragrance decreases due to the drying of the solid block (which is basically soap) take the block out of the pack and scrape with a flat knife to take it back to a softer surface. This will release more fragrance. As this product contains essential oils it must be left inside the pack as contact with fabric may cause damage.

If you already have an infestation of dreaded bugs then your wardrobe/cupboard will need to be cleaned thoroughly and treated to remove the unwanted pests.

Ingredients: saponified palm oil*, vermiculite, essential and fragrant oils - cedar, camphor, lavender, spearmint.

*Thurlby use sustainably grown palm oil in their products. The palm oil is grown in Malaysia on plantations which were previously used for rubber production. So NO new forests are being destroyed in the production of this palm oil.

All Thurlby products are made in Walpole, Western Australia and Thurlby packaging is made from recycled cotton fibre. This is a by-product of the textile industry.

Hand made in small batches in Australia meaning less energy and less waste.

Contains NO synthetic or petrochemical derived ingredients.

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