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The Family Hub Organics - Vegan Food Wraps, Starter Set

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The Family Hub Organics Vegan Food Wraps are a reusable, plastic-free solution to keeping food fresh.

This starter set contains 2 wraps, size 23 x 23cm and 30 x 30cm.

They can be reused for 12+ months when treated with care. Fruit and vegetables last longer, sandwiches stay fresh in the lunchbox and they make a great waste free wrap for fresh cut flowers.

Suitable for cut or whole fruit and vegetables, cheese, sandwiches, rolls and wraps, covering bowls and plates, fermenting jars, bouquets of flowers or herbs, folding into snack pockets, bread loaves and so much more.

Made with 100% certified food safe ingredients.

To Use: Wash before first use. Wraps may be stiff at first, scrunch in hands to soften before using. Use a wrap large enough to cover the food item with some overlap, wraps stick best to themselves. Use some warmth from your hands to stick them to themselves after wrapping your bowl or food, before placing it in the fridge. Wraps will set stiff in the fridge and will soften again quickly once removed.

To Wash: Wraps can be rinsed under lukewarm water and wiped over with a damp, soapy cloth. Do not use very hot or boiling water, harsh scourers or detergents. Do not submerge or soak your wraps.

Not Suitable for direct contact with raw meat, chicken or fish. Not for microwave or oven use.

Please Note: the lovely Vegan Food Wrap prints are random and your wraps may look different to those pictured.

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