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Tea Tonic - Wooden Tea Chest with Tea Selection

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This Mini Wooden Tea Chest contains the entire Tea Tonic range of teas!! 32 premium tea bags in 21 different flavours. To sample the Tea Tonic range is a delight to the palate, the flavours range from robust to delicate and all the teas are abundantly fragrant, providing a pleasing choice for every taste. Discover and share the joy and benefits of tea drinking.

An excellent gift for tea lovers, or a popular addition to buffet tables.

  • Apple-Tree Tea 
  • Berry-Green Tea 
  • Black Tea 
  • Chai Tea 
  • Chamomile Tea 
  • Coconut Tea 
  • Complexon Tea 
  • Dark Chocolate & Black Tea 
  • Earl Grey Tea 
  • English Breakfast Tea 
  • Fruity-Tutti Tea 
  • G.L.E.W. Tea 
  • Green Tea 
  • Licorice Lover Tea 
  • Oriental Twist Tea 
  • Peppermint Tea 
  • Relaxation Tea 
  • Tea Party Tea 
  • Warm-Spicy Tea 
  • Well-Being Tea 
  • White Tea & Rose Petals

Tea Tonic‘s Herbal Teas are focussed on taste, health and well-being, the range has been specially formulated by Australian naturopath and herbalist Lisa Hilbert. The majority of herbs are grown organically in Australia, harvested by hand with a sickle and shade dried, allowing butterflies and insects to fly away, preserving biodiversity.

Tea Tonic is dedicated to providing exceptional quality using only the highest grade ingredients including freshly picked herbs and fruits in unbleached tea bags and loose leaf tea to ensure maximum potency and goodness is delivered in every cup of herbal tea.

Tea Tonic differentiates itself from other tea makers by being the only manufacturer in Australia using unbleached teabags to ensure a truly organic experience.

Australian Made and Owned.

411 Magill Road St Morris, SA 5068 Australia (08) 8333 3478

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