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Queen B Beeswax Candles - Tealight 8-9 hour, 5pack

Price $19.95

Queen B's beeswax tealights are hand poured from quality Australian 100% beeswax with a pure cotton wick. They are completely natural so they burn without dripping or smoking.

Each candle is expected to burn from 8 to 9 hours depending on surrounding conditions. The glass cups can be reused.

Aromatic and warming, beeswax purifies the air by emitting negative ions.

Queen B beeswax is sourced from local Australian beekeepers. The exact locations are seasonal and dependent upon availability. The beekeepers do not use chemicals or antibiotics to treat their bees, hives or equipment. Quite simply, it is pure beeswax as nature intended.

Total Burntime: 40 to 45 hours

Cost: approx $0.50/hour

Dimensions: 2.6cm x 3.7cm (h x w)

Each box contains five beeswax tealight candles in clear glass cups.

Note: whilst Queen B tealight candles can be lit multiple times, a tealight candle is really designed to be burned in one sitting. Please take this into account when choosing whether to buy 4-5 hour or 8-9 hour tealight candles.

Tip about cleaning the glass cups: Don't make a big mess with boiling water and paper towels to clean and recycle your clear glass cups. Simply place the finished cups in the freezer for a few hours/overnight, then invert the cups and gently tap the base, out pops the wax remnants and the little wick disk!

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