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Preserve - Compostable Disposable Cups, 8pack

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These compostable cups are perfect for parties where you want disposable but you don't want to destroy the environment and dispose of single use plastic. They hold 12oz (354ml). 

Preserve cups are made from plants and can be composted in a commercial facility when you've finished with them. The cups are made with a leak-proof lining and this requires the heat of a commercial facility to break down. Once composted they leave nothing behind and leave no toxic chemicals behind in the soil. They are suitable for cold and hot drinks up to 85 ⁰C. 

Founded in 1996 in Boston, Preserve developed out of a mission to reduce our impact on the earth and reuse what we have on it. Preserve is a leader in its field and innovating new ways to use what we're producing daily so it doesn't end up in landfill.

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