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Om Made - Facial Cleansing Oil, 100ml

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It sounds counter-intuitive, oil to cleanse oily skin, but it works! Have you ever heard the phrase “like cures like”? It’s the basis for Homeopathy. As a sufferer of adult acne well into her mid-thirties, Tina, the founder of Om Made, can tell you without doubt, that the oil cleansing method is a must for acne prone skin. 

The olive oil base is gentle on all skin types while the added neem oil provides antioxidant properties. Neem oil is naturally high in Vitamin E and is effective in healing dry and damaged skin. It is also antiviral, anti-fungal, antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. Neem oil has a mild analgesic (pain relief) effect which is very useful when trying to heal acne.

Lavender essential oil helps to heal skin irritations, geranium is excellent at balancing oil production (sebum) and ylang ylang stimulates new cell growth.

Ingredients: Local Chemical free olive oil, Neem* Oil, Lavender* Essential Oil, Geranium* Essential Oil, Ylang Ylang* Essential Oil.

*Organic ingredients.

Directions: Massage 1-2 pumps of OmMade Organic Skincare Facial Cleansing Oil into dry skin for at least 1 minute. Use a warm/hot face washer to wipe clean. Enjoy your soft, fresh, clean skin.

Finish your skin care routine with a couple of drops of Hemp Seed Face Serum or a small amount of Kakadu Plum Face Moisturiser.

THIS PRODUCT IS REFILLABLE. Bring your clean, empty container back into Ecolateral for a refill for just $12.00/100ml.

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