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MakeUwell - Soother Orthodontic Large

Price $8.95

A safe and natural soother/dummy, ideal for babies who need the comfort of sucking.

Your new makeUwell natural rubber soother comes in a convenient soother storer box, and for a limited time a FREE soother saver dummy chain is included (value $9.95)!

MakeUwell Natural Rubber Soothers are made from rubber of the Hevea brasiliensi tree, which is grown in Malaysia.

The protein, that on rare occasions can cause a latex allergy, is removed from the rubber mass used for these soothers. This means no risk of latex allergy.

The soft natural rubber and "one piece" design of makeUwell teethers and soothers has several advantages:

  • Hygienic and safe - due to the entire soother being molded from one piece, there are no cracks or joins for grime to accumulate in
  • Easy to grasp
  • Soft and soothing
  • high levels of elasticity, flexibility and durability (silicone soothers have less elasticity than rubber and can rapidly tear once the surface has been damaged)
  • excellent pull-and-tear resistance
  • non-static properties - latex does not attract dust
  • 100% natural materials
  • Environmentally friendly - sustainable raw material (tree sap)

When you buy a makeUwell natural rubber product, you and your baby avoid:

  • Allergens
  • Artificial colours
  • Carcinogens and endocrine disruptors such as BPA, parabens, PVC and phthalates
  • Hormone disturbing substances
  • Chemical softeners

The soother will change colour slightly after use, this is a normal feature of natural rubber. Natural rubber soothers should be replaced every 6-8 weeks.

This item should be boiled in water for 2 minutes before first use. Daily rinsing with boiling water is recommended to keep the soother clean.

Complies with Australian Standard AS2432-1991/2008 and European Union Standard EN1400 for safety, health and environment.

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