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Karom - Himalayan Crystal Salt

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Australia's purest Himalayan crystal salt. Karom Himalayan crystal salt contains 84 of the 92 elements naturally occurring in Earth. This is considerably more mineral availability than common sea-salt, which typically contains 54 elements. Despite what we are told, salt is actually good for us! It is the refined, bleached and processed table salts that are detrimental to our health.

Karom salt can be added to cooking, on salads or even a small pinch into water to increase hydration.

Karom salt is available in two grain sizes:

  • Fine: shaker sized grains.
  • Granular: approximately raw sugar-crystal size or around 1mm pieces.

The nervous system as well as the body cells benefit from the full spectrum infusion of rarely available elements the Karom salt can provide. For optimum health, the human body requires a holistic and pure salt complete with all the natural elements found in Himalayan salt.

Himalayan Crystal salt is used to:

  • promote a healthy pH balance in cells
  • regulate water absorption by the body
  • promote healthy blood sugar balance
  • generate hydroelectric energy in cells
  • increase absorption of food particles and nutrients in the intestines
  • treat sinus conditions
  • prevent muscle cramps and promote bone strength
  • regulate sleep patterns
  • encourage healthy libido
  • promote vascular health
  • regulate blood pressure

Karom Himalayan Crystal salt is sourced from the Karakoram Range of the Himalayan Mountains. It is recovered from seams erupting from strata laid down over 200 million years ago. What makes Karom Himalayan crystal salt most effective as a provider of mineral nourishment is the compression under which it was formed.

Karom salt is available in your choice of 250g, 500g or 1kg bags. Each bag is double cellophane bagged and petrochemical free.

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