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Incense World - Tibetan Pure Incense Karma Kakolo Gift Box

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Karma Kakola is the name of a genuine Tibetan medicinal incense originally formulated by Geshey Tenzin Phuentsog (b.1725) who condensed into a single recipe various incense formulations developed by innumerable master physicians of the past.

Karma Kakola is soothing and never overpowering. It burns with a delightful fragrance that uplifts the mind, body and spirit.

These natural Tibetan incenses are manufactured in Nepal in accordance with ancient text and tradition. Their production provides employment for low income families whilst preserving the age-old incense and paper-making techniques of past generations.

Proceeds from incense sales support the preservation and replantation of Lokta in Dolkha and Sindhupaichok, Nepal.

In Ayurveda, Karma Kakola is classed as a Pitta reducing incense.

Contents: Wooden boxes of 20-25 sticks (35g of Pure Incense). Approx 1 hour burning time per stick.

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