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Full Circle - Grout and Tile Brush "Grunge Buster"

Price $8.25

A little effort goes a long way with the new "Grunge Buster" Grout and Tile Brush from Full Circle. This iron-shaped grout brush is designed to make one of the most unpleasant household chores a whole lot easier. The outer softer bristles clean tile, while the tough narrow middle bristles do a killer job on grout.

The easy-grip handle allows for tough, forceful scrubbing.


  • Tough bristles for grout, softer bristles for tileĀ 
  • Stands on end for quick drying and bacteria build-up preventionĀ 
  • Curved handle allows for convenient hanging storageĀ 
  • Bamboo is coated with natural oils to withstand water

Materials: recycled plastic, bamboo.

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