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EnviroSafe - Clothes Moth Trap

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The EnviroSafe Clothes Moth Trap helps to protect your valuable clothes and furnishings from the costly damage caused by these pesky insects.

The pack contains one Clothes Moth Trap and one lure that will last up to 3 months. The EnviroSafe Clothes Moth Trap uses a powerful attractant to lure the moths, then the active constituent kills them without the use of chemicals for your safety. You don't need to worry about terrible moth ball smells, you won't even notice a scent from the EnviroSafe Clothes Moth Trap!

The trap is designed to alert you to a potential problem, and is designed to trap adult moths, NOT the larvae which do the actual damage.

Moth infestations require additional measures, infected clothing should be dry cleaned or machine washed, freezing for a week also kills larvae. Severe infestation of furniture and rugs requires treatment by a professional pest control service.

Trap will remain effective for about 12 weeks. Not just a repellent, it traps moths. 

Active Constituent 5g/Kg Koiginal I, Koiginal II

Directions for use:

  1. Take EnviroSafe Clothes Moth Trap, then remove liner to expose glue. Remove lure from its protective packet.
  2. WARNING - Do not puncture or take cap off lure.  Take care not to cover lure cap with glue.
  3. Place lure on board where marked then puch tab through slot to form tent shape.
  4. Place traps at eye level in closets and rooms to be protected.
  5. Pay special attention to items containing wool, cashmere and other animal hair.
  6. Use one or two traps per average sized room.
  7. Replace traps after 12 weeks.
  8. Discard when full - to discard, wrap in newspaper and dispose of in household garbage.

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