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EnviroCare - Space Wipes 80pcs

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Space Wipes are a hygienic multi-purpose cloth, made of 100% lint free compressed rayon.

Unlike pre-moistened wipes, they will not dry out so you can keep them in your purse, nappy bag or car glovebox until you need them. 

After use they can be disposed of in your compost bin or worm farm where they will compost to earth in just 12-14 weeks.

You determine how you are going to use them by what liquid you add, add water and the uses are endless. For more specialized uses you can add other liquids, such as a few drops of fragrant oil, disinfectant, nail polish remover, vinegar or alcohol, depending on the job you need to do.

To get the ultimate value out of your Space Wipes, simply rinse and re-use over and over again. After use with water they can even be re-used with solvents like nail polish remover and turpentine.

Here are a few uses:

  • Baby or child use: wipe for sticky fingers, face cloth, nappy change wipe.
  • First aid use: antiseptic swab, bandage.
  • Beauty use: makeup applier and remover, nail polish remover.
  • Cleaning and household use: dusting cloth, jewellery polishing cloth, screen cleaner, dish cloth, window wipe, crystal polishing cloth.
  • Personal appearance: spectacle cleaner, shoe shiner.
  • Pet care: clean pets eyes, clean fish tanks.

And the list goes on... 

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