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Corrynne's Skin Care - Fuller's Earth Mud Mask, 350g

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A fine Fuller's Earth powdered white clay ready for you to mix with water to make a face mask. Fuller's Earth is milled to 300 microns so it is very fine but will still gently exfoliate and polish skin.

This clay has a gentle drawing action on the skin due to its silica content, improving circulation and skin tone. A weekly mask will improve skin tone and texture.  It helps reduce pore size, improves skin circulation, speeds the healing of pimples and acne and helps to reduce oily zones.

Fuller's Earth is harvested from Lake Neeramyne in Western Australia. This bentonite clay was named after the wool cleaners in England, who discovered that by mixing this particular type of clay with water it removed the impurities out of the wool without damaging it.

Also provides excellent relief from sunburn, itchy skin and insect bites.

Instructions for Use:

As clay has a negative charge it is recommended to mix using wood, glass or ceramic bowls and spatulas. This will maximise its effect.

Apply thickly over the areas where you want the work done. Leave to dry,  then simply splash with water or use a flannel on face/body until the mud is wet again. Wash off slowly, exfoliating as you go. You will notice the difference the first time and results get better and better.

Mineral Analysis (%): Aluminium 11.8 Calcium 1.6 Iron 4 Magnesium 5.3 Silica 58.5

Suitable for sensitive skin.  

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