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Corrynne's Skin Care - Bath Salts Reviving 500g

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What a treat at the end of a hard day to soak in a warm tub with some essential oils and healing epsom salt! 

Corrynne's Skin Care Reviving Bath Salts contains epsom salts, oatmeal, orange, lime and mandarin essential oils.

Use in your bath to help penetrate and repair damaged and strained muscles. Epsom salts penetrate muscles while the essential oils revive and cheer you up.

Epsom salt was first discovered in the mineral-rich waters of Epsom, England, way back in the days of Shakespeare. In those days people came to drink the waters as a purgative. 
Known by the chemical name magnesium sulfate, epsom salt is a neuro-muscular relaxant, it helps to ease muscle aches, reduce swelling, draw out toxins and soften skin. Epsom salt creates a gentle drawing action that reduces inflammation in and around swollen or bruised tissues. Some experts also believe that the magnesium is absorbed through the skin, helping the body to heal. 
Corrynne’s Bath Salts also contains oatmeal which softens water and skin and essential oils for their therapeutic qualities and fragrances.

Instructions for Use: 
Add half a box to warm bath water for an invigorating soak. 

Note of caution: Do not take an epsom salt bath if you have high blood pressure or a heart or kidney condition.

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