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Cinderella - Stain Remover 500ml

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Gets the job done faster without harming you or the environment! 

The emergency product in the Cinderella range, Stain Remover is useful in cleaning that unexpected food spill etc on fabrics including clothing, carpets and upholstery. Just spray on a fresh spill and lift with a damp cloth to complete the process!

Fragrance: Pineapple

Cinderella Cleaning Products are colourful, non-staining modern perfumed products developed by professional formulators based on resource renewable actives. The products are highly biodegradable and low irritant. 

Cinderella Cleaning Products do not contain petroleum distillates, ammonia, chlorine, phosphates, or butyl solvents - all of which have a negative environmental impact. 

100% biodegradable and 100% people safe (hypoallergenic).

Ingredients: water, surfactants* sourced from natural and renewable resources, fragrant oils from natural and renewable sources, preservative. 

*9x faster biodegradation than standard surfactants. 

Low irritant formula (no stinging eyes, no coughing, no gloves).

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