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Bokashi Composting Kit - Black or Tan

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Bokashi composting is an eco-friendly composting system designed to be used inside your house in a suitable and convenient area.

The system is comprised of a Bokashi One Bucket and a 4 litre pack of Bokashi One Grain Mix which work together using microbial fermentation to eliminate the odours and unpleasantness associated with putrefaction and decay.

The dimensions of the Bokashi One bucket are 410mm high and 310mm wide and 300mm deep and can hold approximately 19 litres of food waste.

Bokashi kitchen composting is a convenient and hygienic process which utilises food waste to produce a nourishing compost and rich juice which inject life and vitality into your garden.

Bokashi composting is a responsible step to take to make a difference, improve the health of your garden and direct food waste away from landfill.

The system is practical, simple and easy to use and it’s terrific for your garden.

  • Composts all kitchen waste hygienically minus the unpleasant odours and insects
  • Waste is conveniently stored indoors – no need to run outside to the compost bin
  • Keeps your kitchen bin fresher for longer as food waste is stored in your airtight Bokashi One Bucket
  • Conventional composting can be a long, complicated and involved process, taking up to a year to complete. Bokashi composting, on the other hand, is rapid, occurring in a matter of weeks.

Directions for use:

  1. Place your Bokashi One Bucket somewhere close to where your food waste is produced.
  2. Place the supplied drain plate into the base of the bucket. This allows highly nutritious liquid to drain into the bottom of the bin.
  3. Spread a layer of Bokashi One Grains onto the drain plate.
  4. All food wastes can be added into the Bucket eg. cooked food scraps, bread, citrus, vegetable scraps, eggshells, small amounts of paper, meat, seafood, onions, etc.
  5. For most effective composting, at the end of each day:
    • compress the food waste with a mashing utensil to remove air pockets.
    • spread a layer (approx 75-100ml or 1/3 cup) of Bokashi One Grains over the food waste so that the entire surface area is covered. The more Bokashi Grains used introduces more microbes into the bucket.
  6. Reseal the airtight bucket lid.
  7. Once or twice a week, drain the liquid "Bokashi Juice" from the bucket (NOTE: the "Bokashi Juice" can be diluted with water at a 1:100 ratio and applied directly to your garden, use within 12 hours of draining from the Bokashi One Bucket).
  8. When the bucket is full, empty the contents into a small hole or trench approximately 20cm deep and cover with soil. The waste material needs to go into the soil to physically break down.
  9. Rinse the bucket with water (no detergent or soap), drain and repeat the process.

4 litre refill packets of Bokashi One Grains are also available.

Available in black or tan. The black buckets are produced using 70% post-consumer recycled plastic. 

Please note, additional charges may apply for delivery of this product due to the size and weight, please contact us for a shipping quote.

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