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Bodecare - Pumice Spa Brush

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A beautifully hand-made recycled timber pumice brush, adding a stylish touch to a day spa or home spa.

This popular pumice brush is designed for the removal of stubborn calluses and dead skin build up on your toes, heels and hands. It has a 20cm long handle for easy reach to feet and heels making it popular for people who find it difficult to reach their feet and also beauty therapists in pedicure treatments. 

Each brush is hand-made, so the brushes are slightly different in colour & shape. The slender handle is 20cm long by 7cm wide. It comes in an eco flax linen drawstring bag for easy travelling and to keep your other manicure accessories. A sturdy swing tag for easy reference to instructions accompanies the brush. 

This original design is crafted by a Fair Trade company in the Philippines, working on a national and international level for Human Rights.

Instructions: There is no better way to exfoliate calluses naturally than using a 100% pumice stone. 

Feet: Moisten feet with water and your choice of bath wash until skin softens. Gently rub the pumice stone over the callus for one to two minutes. You'll soon notice the callus reduce in size. 

Hands: Pumice is great to remove paint or dirt from hands and fingers, especially hard-to-remove dirt stuck on coarse skin on sides of fingers and palms of hands. Lather hands with soapy water and gently rub pumice over soiled areas on the hands and fingers, it will help clean and soften the skin. 

Caution: Avoid open wounds, don't rub too hard. 

Tip: Consistency is key when trying to remove calluses, keep up treatment daily. After finishing your pumice treatment, always massage moisturising lotion into feet or hands. 

Timber: Recycled Palochina Timber. Pumice: 100% Philippine volcanic pumice. 

Dimensions: 16.5 x 7 x 1cm handle, 5 x 1.5cm stone. 

What is Pumice? Pumice is created when a volcano erupts and spews lava. The lava, which is very hot when it comes out of the volcano, rapidly cools when it is exposed to the cooler air outside trapping little pockets of air inside. These air bubbles help provide the abrasive quality of pumice. This abrasion makes it valuable in applications that require a scrubbing substance. Additionally, as pumice is a naturally-occurring substance, using pumice instead of more chemically-based cleaners has environmental benefits as well.

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