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Biobag - MaxAir Bin

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Made from ventilated fully recyclable polypropylene with stainless steel handle and 7 year guarantee, the MaxAir Bin is the perfect bench-top bin. Called the 'bio basket' by ZeroWaste SA, MaxAir bin is designed for use with BioBag® compostable bags.

The combination of breathable bags and the ventilated kitchen caddy delivers a clean, hygienic and convenient system for getting food waste out of the kitchen and into your compost or Aerobin. Together with BioBag, MaxAir ventilated bin ensures good ventilation and allows the moisture in the waste to evaporate. Independent tests show that food waste left in the MaxAir bin for one week will lose 42% of its weight, due to the moisture evaporation, the waste dries out. This means that the waste does not rot, and unpleasant smells are reduced.

Features include:

    Grid in base, vented sides and lid ensure optimal ventilation around the bag, this far superior ventilation ensures food waste stays ‘fresh’, eliminating odour and reducing weight and bulk of bin;

    Drip tray in base;

    Lid is ventilated with small holes and lid has an internal lip to prevent fruit fly intrusion;

    Stay open lid is easy to use while preparing food.

Height 26cm x Width 22cm x Depth 21cm


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