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Billyboil - Thermal Cooker

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Exclusive features, superior build quality, competitive pricing and rigorous testing make Billyboil the number one choice in thermal cookware!

Billyboil consists of two main parts: an inner pot that is just like a regular saucepan, and another insulated, outer pot. The insulated outer pot acts like a thermos for the inner pot, keeping temperatures hot (or cold) for a very long time.

Billyboil will keep food cooking in retained heat for up to 8 hours with zero energy consumption after the initial heat-up phase. This means you can save up to 80% of your cooking energy usage!

For example, based on a typical use of 20 minutes total cooking time, there would be an initial 5 minute “heat up” phase, followed by a 15 minute “simmer” phase.  With Billyboil, the simmer phase, usually spent on the stovetop, now consumes zero energy.  That’s 15 minutes of energy savings!  Longer cooking times equal more energy savings.

Regardless of what type of cooktop you have – gas, electric, or induction, Billyboil works with all of them, and makes any cooking process more energy efficient.

Whenever a recipe says “simmer for x minutes” or “leave to cook”, just pop the Billyboil’s inner pot inside the insulated outer pot instead, and food will stay hot for up to 8 hours.

The 4 Basic Steps to Thermal Cooking:

Step 1: Simply place ingredients into the cooking pot and fill with water.

Step 2: Place the pot onto an external heat source, be it a kitchen stovetop, gas burner, induction cooker or open campfire and bring to the boil. Continue to boil for a few minutes to ensure an even high temperature.

Step 3: Remove the cooking pot from the stove and place into the insulated outer pot.

Step 4: Cover and close the lid. Food will continue to cook in high temperatures for up to 8 hours.

Inner and Outer Pots:

Included in the package are your outer, thermally insulated pot (referred to as the Billyboil) and inner cooking pot. The Billyboil is fully insulated with a thermal membrane, body, lid and base. This membrane retains trapped heat maintaining a safe cooking temperature which is essential to ensure food doesn’t become suspect. The inner pot is the workhorse, it is the pot you prepare and cook food in.


  • Dimensions (insulated outer pot): 20cm high by 24cm wide with carry handle
  • Dimensions (stainless steel inner pot): 14cm high by 20cm wide with carry handle
  • Inner pot capacity: 3.5 litres

Care Instructions:

Inner pot: Wash with warm soapy water after every use. Avoid using steel wool pads, copper based scrubbers or abrasives that may scratch the stainless steel surface. If you have tough stains, try soaking them for several hours before cleaning. Wipe dry with a clean towel.

Outer pot: Wipe with a damp cloth only, then dry with a clean towel. DO NOT rinse or immerse the outer pot in water.

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