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Bare Nature - Deodorant Stone Sports 75g

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Bare Nature Deodorant Stones are very effective in the use of natural mineral salts to inhibit wetness and body odour.

By leaving a layer of salt on the skin, they create an environment in which it is difficult for odour-causing bacteria to grow. Bare Nature deodorant is available as a bare stone, a stone encased in a plastic twist-up applicator or a sports stone encased in an easy-to-use soft holder with a practical hard carry case. Ideal for on-the-go, take one with you in your gym bag or handbag.   

This naturally scent-free deodorant is appropriate for men and women.

They are very easy to use, all you need is water to activate the crystal's deodorant power:
Step 1 - Bathe or shower and leave your armpits slightly damp.
Step 2 - Turn on the tap and dip the crystal beneath the stream just long enough to get it wet.
Step 3 - Rub the stone onto your armpits in an up-and-down motion, just like you would with a regular deodorant.
Step 4 - Shake excess water from the crystal and leave it in a cool place to dry. You can replace the lid on the applicator or leave the stone exposed to the air until it is completely dry.

Bare Nature Deodorant Stone is free from potenitally harmful elements like Aluminium Chlorohydrate.

Neutralises odour forming bacteria, lasts all day, fragrance free and non allergenic. Not tested on animals.

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