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Aracaria Guides - Gluten Free Guide

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If you are gluten sensitive, have an allergic reaction to gluten or are a potential coeliac disease sufferer, knowing how to embark on a reduced-gluten or gluten-free diet may become crucial to your health.

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye and barley. It gives bread elasticity and for many people eating foods that contain gluten is not a problem.

An increasing number of individuals experience symptoms of unwellness that cannot be easily diagnosed. When these people change to a reduced-gluten or gluten-free diet the symptoms ease and can disappear.

It is important for health and well-being to be informed about this important issue, to understand the facts, the dangers and the solutions which are possible. This Guide provides an important overview including the topics: What Is Gluten and What Does It Do?, Coeliac Disease, Causes and Symptoms, 352 Safe Foods, Ingredients and Additives, 66 Not Safe Foods, 45 Gluten Free Flour, Meal, Starch Alternatives.

Features: 8 full colour A4 pages on sturdy card, protection coated both sides.


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