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KeepCup - Glass Brew Limited Edition Cork Cup, 340ml

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Keep Cup Brew limited edition is a tempered glass reusable coffee cup with a cork band that is beautiful to hold, antibacterial and insulates your hand from heat. Perfect for the coffee purist or lovers of fine tea to enjoy the cafe experience 'to go'. Available in your choice of dark or light coloured lid.

Over 500 billion disposable cups are manufactured globally every year. KeepCup are striving to reduce this number by encouraging people to think differently about convenience culture and BYO takeaway cups!

In addition to the reduction in physical waste, on average using a KeepCup for one year reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 92% compared to disposables. Once you have used a Keep Cup 15 times you have reached break even on its life cycle, including cleaning. Every use after that is a bonus for the planet! 

The hard lid features nose clearance for ease of use and a large drinking hole to enhance the aroma and texture of your beverage.

This KeepCup Glass Brew Limited Edition Cork Cup features a cork band manufactured from recycled waste material from the wine industry. The BPA free polypropylene lid and polyethylene polymer plug are made in Victoria, Australia, while the glass cup is manufactured and printed in China.

Caution, contents may be HOT: KeepCup has undergone rigorous testing and has proven sufficient to carry boiling water, providing it is held by the cork band and the plug remains in the open position to release steam. However, the KeepCup was designed specifically for espresso coffee, which is served at 65 degrees and not at boiling point. Moreover, if you heat the milk for a coffee to a point much higher than 65 degrees, it will burn and your coffee will taste terrible!

Care Instructions: The KeepCup Glass Brew Limited Edition Cork Cup should only be handwashed using a soft cloth and water. The cork band should never be removed from the cup. Do not use abrasive cleaning cloths.

Care should be taken as scratching or denting the lid can compromise the seal. Even minor abrasion to the lid seal area will compromise the seal.

In between use ensure the KeepCup is kept dry and stored with the lid off to avoid any unwanted smells developing.

Size: 340ml, this is a barista standard medium size cafe cup.

Please note, price is for one cup.

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