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Bokashi Composting Mix - 4Litre

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A 4 litre bag of bokashi mix will last an average four person family about three months, producing a natural, rich soil conditioner and liquid fertiliser.

For use with a Bokashi Composting Kit. Each bag of Bokashi One Mix weighs 1kg and is approximately 4 litres in volume. It is packaged in a resealable zip lock bag.

Is fermenting better than compost?

Compost is a very good source of nutrients for your garden, but because of the composting process, much of the goodness is lost. Fermented waste, however, retains all of the energy (no heat loss) and most of the nutrients in the waste, so that all of this material is available to your plants. Also, fermented waste has the bonus of providing beneficial microbes to your garden, and over time this will produce amazing results.

Is fermenting good for the environment?
Fermenting waste is far better than composting. Greenhouse gas emissions are greatly reduced during fermentation, there are no insect or rodent problems, and the end product is extremely valuable as a soil conditioner and fertiliser. Also, the process retains all the energy (not released to the atmosphere) and all the water is retained and not evaporated.

Bokashi grains have a shelf life of approximately 6 months and should be stored in a cool, dark place with the bag kept airtight.

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