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Biobag - Biodegradable Compostable Waste Bags

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Biobag fully compostable and biodegradable bags are manufactured from MaterBi®, based on sustainably sourced plant starch and vegetable oils. The starch is certified to be from non-genetically modified sources. Biobags are printed with the distinctive BioBag logo and cross hatching in certified compostable ink.

Biobag Compostable Waste Bags are ideal for collecting food waste and general rubbish in your kitchen and around your home or workplace. The 8 litre bags are recommended for use in combination with the MaxAir Bin or Breeze Compost Collector. The combination of breathable bags and the ventilated bin delivers a clean, hygienic and convenient system for getting food waste out of the kitchen and into the compost. Biobags can be put directly into your compost or green waste.

Biobags also suit many household uses including food storage. The breathable bag improves storage of vegetables and fruit.

BioBag has a very high penetration barrier against bacteria, viruses, spores and mould. BioBag, in combination with MaxAir ventilated bin, is the world's leading system for pre-sorting of food waste. 

Available sizes:

  • 8 litre, roll of 75 bags (385 x 400mm straight bag)
  • 10 litre, box of 20 bags (420 x 540mm including tie handles)
  • 20 litre, box of 20 bags (420 x 540mm including tie handles)

Storage:  Keep away from heat and light.

Certified worldwide for home composting (Australian Standard AS4736, European Standard EN13432 and US standard ASTM D6400).

Warning: Suffocation risk. Keep away from small children.
 The handles on the 10 and 20 litre bags are intended for tying, this is not a shopping bag.

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