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Introducing Sustainability in the Workplace

SUSTAINABILITY ARTICLE FOR THE WEEKENDER HERALD BY LIDDY DOLMAN  FEBRUARY 2014 'INTRODUCING SUSTAINABILITY IN THE WORKPLACE' When speaking to people about sustainability I find there are many who are living rewarding, sustainable lives privately but are reluctant to introduce their sustainable practices in the workplace for fear of becoming known as a ‘Tree Hugger’ or worse, a ‘Green Nazi’ - a term used, in jest I must say, on my daughter while she enthusiastically attempted to introduce environmental practices in her workplace. If you work in a medium to large organisation and you are not aware of a sustainability plan..  - Read More

How to Help Others Take the Sustainability Path

SUSTAINABILITY ARTICLE FOR THE WEEKENDER HERALD BY LIDDY DOLMAN  JANUARY 2014 'HOW TO HELP OTHERS TAKE THE SUSTAINABILITY PATH' What inspires me at Ecolateral every day is discussing environmental issues and the overall topic of sustainability with our customers in the shop, the pupils at a school talk, the visitors to a festival we are participating in or the members of a like-minded association that we are involved in.  Sharing knowledge is a powerful tool in our efforts to build sustainable communities and we can all take part. Leading by example is of course the most important thing you can do..  - Read More

A Vegetarian Diet - How and Why?

SUSTAINABILITY ARTICLE FOR THE WEEKENDER HERALD BY LIDDY DOLMAN  DECEMBER 2013 'A VEGETARIAN DIET - How and Why?' Einstein once said, “nothing will benefit human health and increase human chances for survival for life on earth as much as evolution to a vegetarian diet.” There is a plethora of information about the health pros and cons of a vegetarian diet to confuse even the most intelligent people amongst us. However, there is enough written about the growing rate of cancer, coronary heart disease, diabetes 1 and 2, osteoporosis etc. in nations that consume high levels of animal products that it certainly..  - Read More

Designing your Sustainable Home - The Key Considerations

SUSTAINABILITY ARTICLE FOR THE WEEKENDER HERALD BY LIDDY DOLMAN  OCTOBER 2013 'DESIGNING YOUR SUSTAINABLE HOME – The Key Considerations' So you have decided to build a new home, an exciting prospect and one that holds so many possibilities. In this age of rising energy costs and resource depletion issues, it makes sense to make sustainability one of the important objectives on your list of criteria for your new home. Sustainable homes require intelligent design, well thought out and detailed specification and a builder who is on the same page as your designer in respect to sustainability. The key considerations are: Choosing..  - Read More

Why Choose Organic Food?

SUSTAINABILITY ARTICLE FOR THE WEEKENDER HERALD BY LIDDY DOLMAN  JULY 2013 'WHY CHOOSE ORGANIC FOOD?' 'Organic Food' means foods grown and processed without the use of man-made chemicals such as fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides or pesticides. Organically farmed foods are also free from antibiotics and growth hormones and are not genetically engineered. Now, I don’t profess to have any formal qualifications on this subject but, there is enough evidence out there citing the negative impact of these synthetically produced chemicals on our health and the health of our planet, to have motivated me to do more research on the matter. The jury..  - Read More

What is Sustainable Fashion?

SUSTAINABILITY ARTICLE FOR THE WEEKENDER HERALD BY LIDDY DOLMAN JULY 2013 'WHAT IS SUSTAINABLE FASHION?' At Ecolateral we are in the process of planning an extension to our current store called ‘Nature’s Threads’ which will include a range of sustainable fashion. Our search for the right brands for this space has been both complex and enlightening to say the least. I started my search with the following definition scribbled on the top of my notepad sourced from good old ‘Wikipedia’: ‘Sustainable fashion is where a product is created and produced with consideration to the environmental and social impact that it may..  - Read More

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