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Top ten eco tips to save you money


Top ten eco tips to save you money

1.       Use nature’s own Soap Alternative ‘WILD SOAP NUTS’ both in your laundry and to make your own hand wash. Grown in the Himalayas, 250 grams of soap nuts at $15.95 will effective wash more than 150 loads.

2.       Manage your household’s food waste in the fantastic Bokashi Bucket at just $89 and generate all your soil conditioner and compost for a healthier garden. Your plants will love you.

3.       Bamboo socks will put a smile on anyone’s face. Incredibly comfortable, antibacterial and ever so durable. At $13.50 for the extra thick, they will outlast most other socks. Like walking on your own personal cushions.

4.       Don’t let your fruit or veg harvest go to waste – dry your own in a dehydrator and use every last apple. Keeps all the nutrients in your food, tastes great and saves you money. 

5.       Grow your own organic fruit and vegies and save not only dollars but your health and the health of the planet. Raised beds, Smart Pots or straight into the ground, try it, you’ll fall in love with your garden.

6.       Throw away all those artificial room deodorisers and use nature’s alternative. Charcoal bamboo will not only absorb all those household odours but the moisture, toxins and electromagnetic waves that float around our homes. A cleaner, fresher and cheaper alternative that will change the way you feel in your own home.

7.       No more bottled water that costs you money and pollutes the earth, use a pottery water filter that will provide you with all the clean, great tasting water you will ever need. A sensible investment for years and years of filtered water.

8.       We have all gone to our wardrobe at some stage and found those pesky little moths have made a meal of our very best and expensive outfit. Not anymore, with the use of the Clothes Moth Trap. Toxic free and none of that appalling moth ball odour.

9.       Check out the natural cleaning set by ‘Full Circle’. With a recipe book chocker block full of natural cleaning potions, it will continue to save you money month after month AND reduce the chemical usage in the home. A win win situation.

10.   Did you know that 6 tubes of regular toothpaste equates to only one pump tube of Pure and Green Organic (palm oil free) toothpaste. With 300 brushes in every tube you can’t help but save lots of $s.



By Liddy from Ecolateral

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